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Zero Balancing is a gentle but powerful hands-on bodywork system that facilitates both structural balance and a clearer, stronger flow of energy in the body.

During a ZB treatment, practitioners evaluate physical qualities and energy flows throughout the skeletal system, soft tissues and body as a whole, focusing on areas where imbalance more commonly occurs: rib cage, spine, sacrum, hips, feet, shoulder girdle, neck, head, arms and wrists. Practitioners may also evaluate the subtle energy fields of the body, listening for unresolved patterns of physical, mental and emotional stress/trauma. 

Using a combination of skilled touch, finger pressure and gentle traction, practitioners release restriction, tension and blockages wherever they are found. Following a protocol that lasts 40-45 minutes, ZB treatments leave us with a wonderful sense of relaxation, inner harmony and organization. ZB treatments also support self-discovery, self-acceptance and a person’s ability to create positive, life-affirming change.

How can Zero Balancing® help you?

Where energy flows freely, disease cannot manifest ~ Eastern proverb

  • Relaxation, balance and alignment throughout the body
  • Relief of physical restriction, aches and pain
  • Increased energy levels
  • Supporting our body’s innate ability to heal itself

  • Lasting relief from emotional distress
  • Freedom from limiting mental and emotional patterns
  • Support for inner work, counseling and recovery
  • Greater clarity of self, purpose and direction

Zero Balancing can help bring relaxation, balance and alignment throughout the body, relieve body aches and pain, release restrictions in movement, improve posture, increase energy levels and support our body’s innate ability to heal itself.
Zero Balancing can also help provide lasting relief from emotional distress, freedom from limiting mental and emotional patterns, support inner work and recovery, and encourage greater clarity of self, purpose and direction.

Because ZB supports our wellbeing on such a deep level, we are also being supported in our life-long process of self-discovery; ZB helps guide our awareness into what lies below our habitual patterns of thinking and perceiving, into who and what we are at the core of our being. Returning again and again to our innate wholeness, we are gently encouraged to release what holds us back from living the most relaxed, natural and satisfying life possible. In this regard, ZB treatments can also be a valuable asset to those participating in their own inner work, recovery, counseling or therapy process.

The Science behind ZB

A study by the Neuro Synchrony institute has reveled what happens on both physiological and psychological levels during of the course a 30-minute ZB treatment. During the study, 30 ZB treatments were given from 7 different practitioners, with both client and practitioner hooked up to equipment that could observe and gather a wide range of information: EDA skin conductivity, body temperature, oxygen/pulse rate and heart rate variability. EEG sensors were used to monitor brainwave activity during 2 trial treatments. Volunteers were also asked to complete a scale Wellbeing questionnaire assessing their perception of changes in their emotional state before and after each ZB session. 

After all the data had been gathered and analyzed, the study results show ZB Touch facilitates the release of 61% of deeply held stress in a person. In addition, the data also showed clients settling into a synchrony – or an equilibrium – with themselves at a point of “zero balance” on the EDA graph. Pre/post questionnaire results showed that after every ZB session every participant rated themselves more positively.

In conclusion,  ZB Touch facilitates the release of 61% of deeply held stress in a person, and in so doing invites their mind-body-spirit to find a new equilibrium in this new environment. This new reduced stress state not only supports physiology and wellness at a physiological level, this new mind-body-spirit equilibrium importantly provides an easier environment for positive changes to lifestyle and behavior to occur.

 Interface touch

being held in the highest regard

Another hallmark of ZB is it’s use of interface touch, which means that the energetic boundaries between practitioner and client are always clear. With clear boundaries, we are able to experience what truly safe, healing touch feels like. In turn, we respond to interface touch with deep relaxation, trust, and the felt-sense that we are free to let go and be fully ourselves.

Also, interface touch means that we aren’t trying to force change to happen, but providing opportunities for the bodymind to reorganize itself in whatever way it feels it is most needed. By honoring the bodymind’s innate intelligence and wisdom, space is held for the healing process to unfold in the most natural way. These qualities are especially significant and beneficial for anyone healing from trauma, abuse and/or loss. In our modern world, the healing potential of interface touch cannot be overstated.

During the treatment

Sessions begin with time for questions, sharing, and getting clear about what the focus (or frame, as we like to call it) of our work will be. While ZB sessions can address any physical, mental or emotional concerns, they are also non-diagnostic. In ZB sessions, we aren’t trying to diagnose issues or work with a ‘fix it’ mentality, but rather listen deeply to the bodymind and release restrictions where we find them.  

ZB sessions are received fully-clothed on the treatment table, and follow a full-body protocol that lasts about 45 minutes. Sessions finish with time for sharing and feedback. 

After the treatment

Zero Balancing treatments take 24-48 hours to fully integrate, and during this time we recommend drinking plenty of water and taking it a little easier than usual. The bodymind is in a more sensitive and vulnerable place, so making sure to get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activity (as much as is possible) is important to receive the full benefit of the treatment and prevent injury. 

2-4 weeks between ZB treatments is usually recommended, though more frequent treatments are possible depending on the circumstances and individual needs. Each treatment ‘re-educates’ the bodymind to function more optimally, and a steady rhythm of treatments can be valuable asset for creating lasting and positive change. At least 3 treatments are generally recommended before evaluating the benefits of this work. 

Our body is the template of who we are. It holds our hopes and potentials, our fears and limitations, in both our inner and outer worlds. As we alter the template the person is given a fresh opportunity for change, growth, and inner peace. ” 

~ Dr. Fritz Smith, Founder of Zero Balancing

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Zero Balancing works in conjunction with medical therapy and is not a substitute for it.