In addition to regular treatments, Ryan also runs a full-time Zero Balancing Clinic that offers more focused ZB treatments for $50. The mission of the ZB clinic is to make holistic healthcare available to all, and especially to those who want to make holistic wellness a regular part of their self-care program. 

Visits begin with taking a brief health history, questions, and getting clear about what the focus of our treatment will be. ZB treatments can address specific physical, mental or emotional issues, as well as support goals for wellness, self-growth and life transitions.

Full ZB treatments take about 40 minutes, with each visit lasting around an hour. 2-4 weeks between ZB treatments are usually recommended. More frequent treatments are also possible, depending on the circumstances and individual needs. Each treatment ‘re-educates’ the bodymind to function more optimally, and a steady rhythm of treatments can be valuable asset for creating lasting and positive change. 

The ZB Clinic is open to all, and payment is made at the time of your appointment. Cash, check or credit can be accepted. Feel free to contact Ryan with any questions, and you can also learn more about Zero Balancing here: More About Zero Balancing

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In addition, a small percentage of ZB Clinic revenue is donated directly to holistically-minded non-profits and charity. More information about these donations will be available soon.