Thai bodywork is a unique style of bodywork that utilizes a graceful, meditative and creative blend of acupressure, light stretching and compression via the hands, knees, elbows and feet. The goal of Thai bodywork is to restore a healthy and balanced flow of energy throughout the body, while also releasing tension and restriction within the soft tissues, trigger points and muscles.

Traditionally practiced on a floor mat, Thai bodywork allows the practitioner to use the leverage of their body weight and proper body mechanics to meet the receiver in a relaxed, balanced and fluid way. This approach helps the receiver feel safe, comfortable and trusting of the work, and supports the release of deeply patterns of tension within the body.

Ryan graduated from The Chicago School of Thai Massage and began practicing in 2011. Now adapted to the treatment table, Ryan integrates Thai Bodywork with other therapies to more fully meet the needs of each client.