Drawing from 14 years of experience with hands-on holistic bodywork and healing, most treatments integrate elements of several different therapies to best meet the needs of each client. Therapies available include Zero Balancing, Thai/Shiatsu bodywork and Foot Reflexology, as well as energy-based healing if desired. Single-therapy treatments are also available. 

Each treatment begins by taking a brief health history, questions, and getting clear about what the focus of our treatment will be. Treatments can address specific physical, mental or emotional issues, as well as support goals for wellness, self-growth and life transitions. Treatments are available in 60 or 90 minutes.

No matter the presenting issue, our goal is to address that issue as directly as possible while also working to create the most optimal conditions for healing on all levels. While giving the presenting issue the attention and care it needs, we approach it not as a problem that needs to be fixed, but as an invitation to bring greater balance, harmony and peace within the bodymind as a whole. We also honor that presenting issues may be only one aspect of a more deeply rooted/unconscious issue that is asking for attention; listening deeply, working slowly and holding space for each client to have whatever experience they most need are important qualities of each treatment.

Treatments take 24-48 hours to fully integrate, and during this time it is recommend to drink plenty of water and take it a little easier than usual. The bodymind is in a more sensitive and vulnerable place, so making sure to get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activity (as much as is possible) is important to receive the full benefit of the treatment and prevent injury. 

2-4 weeks between treatments is usually recommended, though more frequent treatments are possible depending on the circumstances and individual needs. Each treatment ‘re-educates’ the bodymind to function more optimally, and a steady rhythm of treatments can be valuable asset for creating lasting and positive change. At least 3 treatments are generally recommended before evaluating the benefits of this work. 

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