Our feet are home to many important acupressure points, muscles, energetic pathways, fascial tissues, bones, joints and tens of thousands of nerve endings. Using skilled touch, both light and deep finger pressure, gentle traction and other techniques to open and activate these significant points, foot reflexology treatments encourage our entire bodymind to unwind, relax, and rest within its natural state of balance.

Foot reflexology treatments help us to let go of accumulated physical, emotional, and mental tension and activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which encourages restoration and detoxification throughout our entire body.  This ability of foot reflexology to help us relax deeply has been proven beneficial for almost any recovery process and can aid in the relief of many issues.

Foot ReflexologyThe feet can also be seen as the foundation of our entire bodymind. Our response to trauma, shock, fear or an accumulation of stress is often one of going ‘out of body’ and disconnecting from the world around us. The energy flow to our lower body, legs and feet may become weak and dull, giving rise to physical ailments, misalignment, low energy, an unfocused mind, disassociation and other problems. Giving care and attention to the feet is a nurturing, safe and non-invasive way of inviting us back into the body, helping us become more grounded and present in life, and restoring a healthy flow of energy through our entire bodymind.

Ryan had the wonderful opportunity to undergo a year-long, one-on-one apprenticeship with local Chicago reflexology master Eric Huffman. Eric studied traditional Japanese foot reflexology, meditation and qigong while living in a Japanese monastery, returning to the US to share his experience and technique. Ryan brings all that he learned from Eric into his work, honoring the spirit of traditional Japanese foot reflexology while also integrating new insights and approaches.

Full foot reflexology treatments last between 45 and 50 minutes.