Image result for energy bodies artEnergy-based healing is rooted in the understanding our physical body is but one aspect of the entire human energy system. In addition to our physical bodies, there are several more and increasingly subtle energy bodies, centers, fields and pathways, each with their own specific role and function. As one, the myriad facets of our energy system work in harmony and give rise to every aspect of our lives and our health.    

Energy healing sees that the source of many issues, patterns, traumas, pains and limitations are held within the subtle energy system, and, in turn, many healing arts have been created to address our issues on a deeper energetic level. Ryan has been both studying and teaching energy-based healing for over 14 years, including Reiki (Master Level), VortexHealing® Energy Therapy (Lifeform Level), and Chinese Energetic Method (CEM). Ryan can include hands-off energywork within a treatment or by itself.  

Most energy-based treatments work on one or more of the following, and usually much more:

  • Relaxing, clearing and energizing the bodymind/energy system
  • Grounding, centering and stabilizing the body, mind and emotions
  • Understanding/transforming the sources of physical, emotional and mental issues
  • Releasing trauma or shock held in the system
  • Facilitating the body’s self-healing ability and supporting recovery
  • Supporting positive inner qualities and resources
  • Releasing whatever issue is most restricting life momentum and change
  • Creating space for new possibilities and solutions to emerge