Welcome to the holistic wellness practice of Ryan Lee. Serving both the Charlottesville and Staunton areas, Ryan offers holistic body-based therapy that supports physical health and vitality, mental and emotional wellness/recovery, and a deeper connection to our own inner resources, wholeness and potential.

Ryan is a Certified Zero Balancing® Practitioner (CZB), with each treatment drawing from over 16 years of hands-on holistic bodywork experience. Each treatment can address specific issues, pain and imbalances, as well as support goals for wellness, self-growth and life transitions.

In addition to Zero Balancing, Ryan also offers Foot Reflexology, and treatments that blend different bodywork modalities together.

Feel free to explore this site and please contact Ryan with any questions. To schedule a treatment, please follow this link: Schedule a Treatment

What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a gentle but powerful touch therapy for the body and mind. Following a protocol that lasts 40-45 minutes, ZB practitioners use gentle pressure and traction to release areas of tension in the bones, joints, soft tissues and energy fields of the body. Deeply relaxing and energizing, ZB helps relieve symptoms of physical and emotional stress, clears blocks in the body’s energy flow and amplifies vitality on all levels.

My experience exceeded my expectations and I am glad I went to Ryan for zero balancing work. He is extremely caring, compassionate, and skilled. I look forward to continuing this work with Ryan. Highly recommend!

Nick J.

I sought Ryan's help for a few issues...It was a very powerful experience. Ryan intuitively felt some negatives that I was experiencing even though I hadn't told him in advance. During the session I achieved a profound level of peace and relaxation like I never have. I left that session feeling like I was floating, with my burdens significantly eased. I highly recommend Ryan!

Mike S.

I simply cannot recommend Ryan highly enough. He is incredibly gifted at both energy healing and bodywork, and has helped me immensely on my journey to greater health and well-being. In addition to always making me feel more peaceful, balanced, and aligned, his sessions have helped me develop a deeper understanding of my body and energetic system. They’ve also facilitated profound shifts in my consciousness which have led me to create a number of positive changes in my life.

Stacy K.

I recently had a Zero Balancing session that left me feeling more solid- my joints felt more connected, put back together. And immediately after the session, my body felt less weighed down.

Jennifer G.

Ryan is such an amazing healer! He has calm, insightful and warm energy. I always feel good after sessions! I love the Zero Balancing sessions! Like a warm hug from the Universe:).


Ryan is a skilled and gifted healer. He has an amazing ability to truly listen and give what is needed...His healing session was so much more than body work; I felt a profound shift and a lightness after I was finished. I recommend him to anyone!

Christene K.

I have gone to Ryan for a variety of sessions, most recently for Zero Balance healing. Each time I leave with a profound lightness and sense of very fluid energy. I recommend him highly.

Lisa S.

This was my second zero balance session with Ryan. I am so glad I went again! This time when Ryan asked why I was there I told him about my frustrating feeling of being overwhelmed. Like a hamster never being able to jump of the wheel. It was affecting my relationships with my family and at work. My posture was horrible as well. As with the last session, I walked out of there feeling awesome! And can say 3 days later, that overwhelmed feeling is gone. I'm standing taller.

Pam S.

Received a Zero balancing session from Ryan The work, like the man, was clear, supporting and expansive.

Randy C.

Ryan made me feel safe and at ease in my first zero balancing session. He is gentle and intuitive, and I left feeling relaxed, focused and with renewed positive energy. I highly recommend his bodywork therapy if you are looking for self-care and healing.


I felt so much better after my session. I felt relaxed, and much of my pain had decreased. It was amazing how just such a light touch, created such a difference.


I had a Zero Balancing session with Ryan about a day and a half ago and I have to say this is some of the best therapy I've found. I'm a massage therapist and healer myself and Ryan's use of the ZB technique was what I was looking for. I have no body pain and it has helped me overcome many obstacles I was experiencing emotionally and structurally. I will definitely be going back and I will definitely be recommending him to some of my own clients who I feel need his healing.


I have been a client of Ryan's for six or more years...He has been a trusted and inspired guide throughout my worldly, spiritual, and transformational journey.


I didn’t know what to expect so I came with an open mind...Ryan shared insight and conversation along with Zero Balancing. I had a euphoric feel after and genuinely feel “lighter” and more centered. Definitely will recommend to others.

Colin S.

I am a dance/movement therapist and psychotherapist. I use body and movement to help clients connect with their emotional being. That is why I recommend Ryan to anyone who is interested in having a real body work. His work is beyond just making clients relaxed. He listened to my body, my breath rhythm, and my voice. I feel safe and comfortable to tell him how my body feels before, during, and after the session. My back pain was relieved a lot after the session. I feel more connected with my body

W. Martinez

I would recommend Ryan to anyone needing any kind of body realignment. He got rid of my sciatica after one session and has helped with other aches and pains in my knees and back. As a women, I can also say that Ryan is respectful and professional at all times when it comes to touching my body. And he follows up to check in about how the treatment worked.

Stacia Y.

Ryan is a world class healer. I’ve known him for 20 years and through many modalities and highly recommend his work.

Rachel F.

I’ve been going to Ryan for almost a decade and he has only gotten better with time. I’ve had to go to other bodywork specialists when I’ve lived out of the country, but I missed the long term relief Ryan provided...I don’t trust anyone else with my back!

Adam S.